We specialise in providing telecommunication and security solutions to the medical sector across the UK

Telecoms for Medical Centres and Doctors Surgeries is both complex and unique in its requirements. As a specialist in the healthcare sector, we have the experience to know that your business moves at an enormous pace every day.

You need a Telephone System that can handle the complex needs of a Medical Centre and a support provider/maintainer with enough experience in your sector to know exactly how to implement it. Look no further than Check - the Healthcare specialists.

Talk to the experts in Healthcare Communications

Check-Medical-Surgery-Telephones Telecoms for Medical Centres and Doctors Surgeries is both complex and unique in its requirements. As a specialist in the healthcare sector, we have the experience to know that your business moves at an enormous pace every day. At 8am you're a fully-fledged inbound call centre, taking calls from patients desperate to secure those last minute appointments.

By mid-morning your admin work starts and things calm down (a little), meaning less call handlers are required in the main ring groups. After lunch the rush starts again and by mid-afternoon doctors might be settling in for a few hours of triage; they'll need a dedicated secure line to make them on.

Having an in-depth idea of how your practice works and therefore equipping you with the right tools to do your day jobs is what we do best. We have been looking after Medical Practices and NHS Centres across the UK since 1990, leaving you to look after your patients.

All of our systems come with Real Time Call Queueing as standard and most are installed with full call recording. EMIS phone integration is one of our specialities, allowing you to pop a patient record from EMIS automatically when they ring in. This will make your staff more efficient and send your patient satisfaction through the roof!

What some of our customers say:

"Check's aftercare and general service is the best i've ever encountered from a Telecoms company. I actively recommend them to other practices and will continue to do so."
Kathy Toppin, Cheetham Hill Medical Centre, Manchester

"I would recommend Check to anyone - they have never let me down, are always quick to respond and over the past five years have actually approach me several times with new cost savings - which is really unusual. Don't mess around with other providers, choose Check Comms."
Paula Smith, Practice Manager, Forge Road Surgery, Wrexham

"I would whole heartedly recommend Check to another Practice. The solution is suitable for Primary Care anywhere in the country."
Richard Birkenhead, Practice Manager, Wern & Prees Medical Practice, Whitchurch

Watch how we've been able to help this practice:

We provide systems that:

  • Are highly flexible, scalable and future proofed.

  • Give you FULL compatibility and integration with EMIS.

  • Enhance the delivery and quality of patient care.

  • Streamline day-to-day tasks.

  • Improve practice staff efficiency.

  • Provide applications such as Real Time Call Queuing, Call recording, Call Statistics.

  • Help you with complex call routing at different times of the day.

  • Allow front line staff to log in or out of ring groups during busy periods.

  • Guarantee a long term outstanding service to your Health Centre.

Mitel's MiVoice - the perfect Medical Centre platform

The 250 is also ideal for Medical Centres, who normally require a complex yet flexible setup on a budget. If you are looking to increase high quality patient care in in a cost-effective manner, Mitel’s communication and collaboration solutions are a great choice. Our aim is to allow you to spend more time with patients and become more mobile-advanced as you remove restraining communication roadblocks.

Some Mitel MiVoice Office features include:

  • Real Time call Queuing.

  • Call Statistics, measure your calls manage your call flows.

  • Hot Desking for staff.

  • EMIS Integration - the ultimate for a Medical Centre solution.*

  • Multiple Message Announcements, automated by time and date.

  • Flexible Answering, changed at the touch of a button.

  • Desktop Phone Manager App, part of the package and Installed Free Of Charge.

  • Browser based extension alterations.

For Medical Practices, managing patient and information flow inside the centre is critical for ensuring success. Timely communication and collaboration solutions are therefore essential for improving efficiencies and the overall quality of patient care. Mitel’s MiVoice can help by offering unified communications and contact center call management platforms.

Unify front desk operations - Mitel’s MiContact Center automates reminders, routes inbound callers and announces when patients arrive at your premises, thereby accelerating patient wait times and reducing missed appointments (full contact centre is a cost option).

Provide a safe environment - Direct communication between patients and staff is critical for keeping patients safe when they are alone either at home or behind closed doors in a facility. Using Mitel’s collaboration solution, staff can route patients quickly from point to point in order to minimize time spent in waiting rooms, where patients can be exposed to new illnesses.

Control costs - Clinics and HMOs need to constantly strive to improve patient care regardless of budgetary restrictions. Mitel streamlines front office and patient-related efficiencies without requiring a significant or costly infrastructure upgrade. From automating appointment reminders to replacing in-person visits with video conferences, Mitel will let you choose a deployment model that works best for your needs.

Enable patient-centric care - Staff members shouldn’t spend more time on administrative patient work than on actual patients. Mitel will help your clinic or HMO facility simplify diagnoses and obtain second opinions by collaborating and sharing information with colleagues worldwide. Using Mitel, physicians can also quickly respond to patient needs and make timely decisions related to care.

Mitel MiVoice

EMIS Integration

We can integrate seamlessly with EMIS and Mitel's new Phone Manager. EMIS integration is a fantastic solution to increase staff efficiency and improve patient care. Pop patient records, recognise 'at risk' patients easily and improve your care response with a simple and easy to use software package.

Mitel’s EMIS Integration adds the power of EMIS to the already powerful Phone Manager application, and it's much more affordable than you'd imagine. With Phone Manager you already have features such as:

On screen call control, Presence Profiles, Highlight and dial, Screen popping, Microsoft Outlook© & 365 integration, Individual Call Recording control and Text chat function.

Medical Centre Tile 2

Adding the EMIS application opens up a whole new sphere of control for your Medical Centre staff, allowing you to:

  • Popup Patient Records
When a patient rings into the practice, if you have their number on file, their EMIS record will pop up showing their Name, Address and allowed EMIS information.
  • Phone Manager EMIS Dashboard
When a member of staff picks up the call, the Phone Manager application appears displaying all the information you choose to show your staff, such as contact history, bespoke caller notes and anything caller related.
  • Displays the EMIS Record Card
With a simple click you’ll get taken to the relevant page on EMIS for that patient, where you can schedule an appointment, make notes, or suggest an alternative arrangement.
  • Click to Dial
Phone Manager lets you simply dial from an EMIS record with a few simple clicks.
  • Listen Back to Calls from EMIS records - in development.
With future development of the EMIS/Mitel Integration you will be able to easily listen back to calls made to a particular patient either through their EMIS record or by searching by phone number. Depending on the permissions you set, staff can listen to just their calls at the click of a button whilst managers can have access to all calls. Fully programmable and admissible in court. A Mitel Call Recording option is required for this feature.
Above all, our EMIS integration package is a fantastic tool for your Medical Centre, that’s easy for staff to use and will have a huge positive impact on the way you interact with patients.

Watch our Emis Intagration overview video below.


Mitel IP Phones

Mitel 5312 Phone This multi-line desktop phone features 12 programmable keys and is user-friendly, making it perfect for teleworkers, office workers and technical support staff.
Mitel 5324 Phone The MiVoice 5324 IP Phone is designed for communications-intensive companies that require a converged IP infrastructure.
Mitel 5320e Phone This full-feature, Gb passthrough display phone is for companies that need rich communications applications and services on the desktop.
Mitel 5330e Phone The MiVoice 5330e IP Phone is perfect for the enterprise desktop and features a large display and 24 self-labeling buttons that can be programmed for a variety of functions.

Mitel 5340 Phone This enterprise-ready IP phone features a large backlit display, productivity applications and programmable keys.

Mitel 5360e Phone Ideal for the enterprise executive, this desktop IP phone has a large, high-resolution touch display, superior sound quality and plenty of built-in features.
Mitel 6920 Phone Designed for the enterprise user, who requires flexibility and reliability from their phone to meet their heavy phone requirements

Mitel 6930 Phone Powerful and customizable IP phone designed for the power user

Mitel 6940 Phone Executive power users will rejoice as the power of touch is combined with flagship functionality in this state-of-the-art IP Phone.

Call Recording for Medical Centres

MiVoice Call Recording & Quality Management enables your Medical Centre to capture, archive, organize, playback and share voice documentation for valuable insight into customer interactions. With a complete suite of quality assurance, evaluation and e-learning tools, you’re empowered to instantaneously review call handling performance to ensure adherence to best practices and uncover coaching opportunities.

Call recording will seamlessly integrate in your Mitel Telephone System and Phone Manager software allowing you to:

  • Resolve disputes easily without further action.

  • Show Compliance

  • Monitor Quality

  • Improve Performance

  • Save Time & Money

  • Learn More on our dedicated Call Recording Page


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  • We only use our own, fully qualified engineers.

  • It's all about you! We love our customers, and hope you'll love us back!

  • We cover the whole of the UK, with customers from Aberdeen to Exeter.

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